LE ROY- Julien, Paris (Rue de Harley).


1686: born

1713: master

1735: juré, (the word juré is used to indicate the officer of the corporation charged with the duty of inspecting work and          workshops, in all the corporations, exept that of London. In Paris, the officer was called at different periods 'juré'          'gardevisiteur' and 'syndic'. In London, the equivalent 'warden' or 'Warden of the Clockmakers Company' is used.

1739: Clockmaker to the King

1759: died

A celebrated maker, who raised the status of French watchmaking by the perfection of his work and design.

Made an equation clock in 1717, described in Gallon, 'Machines et Inventions,' Vol. ttt.

Devised the horizontal arrangement of parts in turret clocks, and gained a great reputation for his turret clocks.

Devised a compensation pendulum in 1738 and an escapement for pendulum clocks.

First made thin repeating watches by omitting the bell and allowing the hammers to strike on the case.

About 1725 introduced the French form of potence with screw adiustment.

Wrote several memoirs on horology.

Fine Boulle clock: Palais de Fontainebleau.

Silver travelling clock and cartel clock: National Museum, Stockholm.