LEPAUTE - Jean André, Paris.


1720: born

1787 or 1789: died

1748: Came to Paris and started business with his brother Jean Baptiste (le jeune)

1774: Retired

Clockmaker to the King.

ln 1752 made a clock with one wheel, showing hours, minutes, seconds and striking hours and quarters

In 1753 devised a pin-wheel escapement for clocks, with pins on both sides of the wheel, which has been widely used.

Also a clock in which the pendulum made 60 swings for the escape of one tooth.

He brought out the double virgule escapement (v. CARON)

Published 'Traité d'Horlogerie', Paris, 1755, 1760 and 1767.

Made several public clocks in Paris; one on the École Royale Militaire still working.

Clock S.K.M. with case of Vincennes porcelain.

Year long case clock: Buckingham Palace.

Regulator and equation regulator: Conservatoir des Arts et Métiers, Paris

Three clocks: Palais de Fontainebleau.

Fine vase clock: Petit Palais.


LEPAUTE - Jean Baptiste (le jeune), brother, Paris (Place du Palais Royal).

1727: born

1802: died

Clockmaker to the King.

In partnership with Jean André, and when he retired in 1774 took into partnership his nephews Pierre HENRY and Pierre Basile LEPAUTE.

1789: Retired