JAQUET-DROZ - Pierre. Basle, Neuchâtel, Paris, Geneva and Madrid.


1721: born

1790: died

Celebrated clock-maker and mechanician.

Made a number of famous automaton, bought by Ferdinand VI of Spain.

Made clock winding by the difference in expansion of two metals in 1755.

Two long case clocks: École d'horlogerie, Geneva.

The automaton 'Le Berger' and a musical clock exist in Madrid Pal.

Fine clocks: Kunst und Gewerbe Museum, Vienna,

and École d'horlogerie, La Chaux-de-Fonds.


JAQUET-DROZ, Henri Louis, son. La Chaux-de-Fonds, Nancy and Geneva, with branch in London.


1752: born,

1791: died

Worked with his father.

Associated with J. F. LESCHOT at Geneva from 1784.

London branch in charge of Henri MAILLARDET from 1775.

Celebrated clock, watch and automaton maker.

Made many watches for China, signed. JD and, after 1784, J.L.-G. Carillon watch with 5 bells.

Many watches in Swiss colls.

Several singing birds and automaton: diff. Museum.

Bird-cage clock, verge escapement, central
second hand, with 7 melodies on 10 pipes.







Golden enamelled watch with a pedometer-winding