INGOLD - Pierre Frédéric, Paris, London, La Chaux de Fonds


1787: born in Biel

1878: died


A very able mechanician,

devised many tools for watch factories, in particular  a cutter for shaping the teeth of wheels.

1809-11: Strassboug (France)

1811-14: Paris

1815: London

1816: La Chaux de Fonds

1817-24: Paris, with BREQUET, and there learnt working of jewels.

1825-27: He started this industrie in La Chaux de Fonds, and then returned to Paris.

Repaired the Vaucanson automaton.

Made watch winding by turning the bottom of the case, about 1815.

His watchmaking machines were opposed by the craft first in Paris, then in 1839 in London.

1844: He went to New York

1855: He returned to La Chaux de Fonds, where he introduced the Ingold cutters.

Magnificent vase clock with singing birds in the Musée des Automates (La Chaux de Fonds)