GRAHAM - George , London

1673: born

1688: apprenticed

1695: clockmakers company,

1711- partnership with Thomas Tompion

1751: died .

One of the most eminent English makers. Fellow of Royal Soc. and contributed many papers. Improved or perhaps invented

cylinder escapement. He used the verge up to 1726 and then mainly the cylinder.

Devised but did not use the gridiron pendulum in 1715.

Devised the mercury compensation pendulum, described. in PhiL Trans. Vol. 34, 1726.

Was assistant to TOMPION from 1696, in partnership with him ca. 1711-13, succeeded him, and is buried with him in Westminster Abbey.

He nearly always repeated the watch No. on the pillar plate and beneath the cock

Approx. corresponding dates and Nos. are, for plain watches, 1715: No. 4660, 1715: No. 5260. 1735: No. 5610, 1745: No. 6180, 1750: No. 6480,

and, for repeater watches 1720: No. 480, 1730: No. 620, 1740: No.790, 1750: No. 960.

There are many contemporary forgeries. Many fine watches and bracket clocks. long case clocks are very rare.

Silver alarm watch, circa 1720, 
Silver champlevé dial, with alarm-setting
dial above IV.
Steel beetle and poker hands, minute hand 
cranked to clear alarm-setting
square. Stop-lever for alarm on edge of 
case between II and III.
The alarm is shown set for 10 o'clock. 
Dust-cap signed 'Geo.Graham, London
Verge escapement. Diamond endstone. Table
of cock decoration springing from 
female mask. Wide, solid foot to cock. 
Round pillars. Alarm bell seen in 
inner case. Casemaker W.S.
signed: G. Graham, London, No. 5029
Note: Vuilliamy equation watch paper.