ELLICOTT - John, F.R.S. London (Swithin's Alley, R.Exchange).

1706: born

1772: died

Fellow and on Council of Royal Society.

One of the most eminent English makers;

invented a compensation pendulum;

developed use of cylinder escapement.

Clockmaker to the King.

Published in Phil. Trans. two articles on clocks. in 1739 and 1753 and an equation of time table,

A rough guide to the dates corresponding to watch Nos. is: 1730, No. 400. 1740, No. 1800. 1750, No. 3250. 1760,

No. 4770. 1770, No. 6435.1780, No. 7620. 1790, No. 8450. 1800, No. 8760. 1810, No. 9074.

The series continuing with John's successors.

The earliest cyl. watch known (Ilbert coll.) has No. 2042.

Up to No. 4354, about 1758, watches were signed Jno. Ellicott.

Afterwards, prob. when Edward came into partnership, they were signed Ellicott, and this sig. continued after the death of

John, the firm retaining the title, John Ellicott & Son.