ARNOLD - John, London.

1736: born

CC.1783: Clockmakers Company

1799: died

One of the most famous English makers. Had a chronometer factory at Chigwell. Made repeating watch set in ring for George III

in 1764.

Invented helical balance spring for chronometers and a detent escapement similar to the modern chronometer escapement. Also

end curves for helical balance spring and several compensation balances (Patents No. 1113 of 1775 and No, 1328 of 1782).

Was the principal chronometer maker of his day.

Two marine chron. and 2 pocket chron. and 2 watches Guildhall Museum


ARNOLD & Son. London.

1787-99 Firm of John and his son J. Roger.

John Roger. London.

Son of John I., apprentice to his father in 1783 and later to A. L. Brequet.

1769: born

1796: Clockmakers Company

1817: Master of the Clockmakers Company

1843: died

Patented a compensation balance in 1821. Many watches and chronometers

John Roger, & DENT. London. 1830, dissolved 1840.

On John R.'s death in 1843, the business was taken over by Charles Frodsham.