Magy in Bottmingen / Switzerland


  • Ceramic studies in Spain, Escuela Massana, Barcelona
    School for Art and Design in Basel
    Studies in Japan, Bizen (Mr. Iwa Moto Shu Ichi)

  • Studio in Bottmingen near Basel/Switzerland since 1983 

  • Member of Swiss Ceramic Assosiation (ASK)

  • Exhibitons in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands 

  • Materials and techniques: Stoneware and porcelain, crystal glazes, Celadons, Chun

  • High fired in electric-, gas- and wood kilns (1280C)

  • Production of ceramic objects like bowls, vases, plates, cups, boxes, objects for Ikebana and Japanese tea ceremony

  • Acknowledgments: Many thanks to my husband Pierre Krebs for having engineered the glazes, to D. Hund and P. Horner for their amazing photos and to the Rudolf Steiner School for allowing us to build the wood fired kiln. Many thanks also to John Benfield for supporting all the  "poor potters" of this world.